Upping Your Results with Pre-workout and Post-workout Supplements

If you eat well (lots of protein, high quality food sources) and work hard consistently in the gym, you’re going to get excellent results. In fact, you’re close to maximizing the progress you can make. However, you are still leaving anywhere from 5-15 percent of your potential results on the table if you aren’t supplementing.

Pre-Workout Supplements

These types of products have potent cocktails of individual ingredients, usually stimulants. On top of that, they will often contain creatine as well, a great muscle building supplement. Studies have shown that having improved energy and focus in the gym will increase your performance considerably.

Make sure you get a high quality pre-workout supplement, or else it’s possible that you do put your heart health at risk. Supplements should be a safe and positive boost to your training in the gym, so keep it that way by doing your due diligence.

Post-Workout Supplements

To complement your diet and help you get protein, a post-workout supplement is perfect. These typically contain a solid dose of protein, with a high focus on branched chain amino acids (BCAAs). BCAAs are the amino acids (that come from breaking down protein) that are the most important for building muscle tissue. On top of that, post-workouts will have carbohydrates and other useful ingredients as well. Just like pre-workouts, it’s important to buy high quality post-workout supplements as well. Look for healthy ingredients and manufacturers with great reputations.

Why it’s hip to take care of your hips

Hip pain affects more than 30 percent of people every year! Did you know that already? Did you also know that most of this pain is preventable if you plan ahead and devote just a little bit of time?  I asked Derrick of www.hipflexor.org the following questions to help fill in some common knowledge gaps.

Q:What causes hip pain?

A: In most cases, hip pain is caused by a random injury.  However, this injury is usually preventable by having stronger hip muscles (otherwise known as the hip flexors).  Since muscles get weaker as we age, this is why hip pain is usually a big problem as you get older.

Q:What is the single best exercise to do to strengthen the hips

A:Squats for sure.  The added benefit is that you don’t just strengthen your hips, but you also strengthen your legs and core.  Even just doing a few sets of squats a couple times a week puts you way ahead of the average person, and decreases your chances of injury significantly.


If you have more questions about hip pain in general, feel free to leave a comment below.

Supplements and Nutrition Life Hacks

Let’s shift gears for today’s articles.  Instead of improving your tools, I want to look at improving your life.  The way to do that is by going to the gym and leveraging the power of nutrition.

What if I told you there was a way to lift longer than you ever had before, and you could do it within a few weeks?  It’s possible by using a basic creatine monohydrate supplement on a regular basis.  Creatine supercharges your muscles to allow you to store more energy.

Now what if I told you that you could turbocharge your recovery too?  Well guess what? You CAN! All you need to do is constantly feed your body protein and minerals.  Luckily there is a portable and tasty option to do that in the form of protein bars.  You can learn which one is best for you at http://bestproteinbarshq.com.

First Post! Welcome…and How to Save Money on Knives

Hi! You should expect a diverse amount of topics on this blog, somewhat news-like but really just on anything I think could help people.

In this post I want to start by looking at a way to save money.  In general it’s better to buy once and maintain, rather than not look after things properly and have to buy over and over.  Obviously there are exceptions, but kitchen knives are not one of these.

A high quality knife set can be gotten on sale for under $200, but do you really want to replace these every 2-3 years?  This gets expensive fast, but luckily there is an alternative.  Head over to http://bestknifesharpeners.org and get familiar with how knife sharpeners work.  Basically they’ll allow you to use the same knife set for decades, maybe even your entire lifetime!  You spend a little more now, but then you never have to pay again in the future, saving thousands of dollars!