Is a Career as a Home Health Aide Right for You?

Finding the right career isn’t easy, and often requires trying many things out.

One of the jobs that I have seen provide a lot of fulfillment is being a home health aide. A home aide, also known as an hha, is responsible for caring for people who can’t care for themselves. It’s a really intense job that often requires you to live in someone else’s home to help them pretty much around the clock. Some people are disabled, while others are injured or just elderly.

While it’s an absolute ton of work, it’s also incredibly rewarding and you will be improving the lives of people who really need it.

How Do You Become A Home Health Aide?

The great thing about being a home health aide is that little education is usually required, even though it’s definitely a benefit to have some. While some responsibilities are medical, most are not. The medical tasks will be taught by professional nurses, so as long as you area an attentive and quick learner, you should be good to go, even without a degree.

Although there isn’t too much competition when you compare it to other professions, if you want to get a great job as a home health aide, it starts with creating a great resume. If you’re having trouble getting started, this example hha resume might help. Highlight your education, training and any relevant experience as clearly as possible. You’ll likely get many interviews, and from there it will be up to you to show people that they can trust you.

Physiotherapy options for Brampton Locals

Anyone that knows me knows that I live in the amazing town of Brampton, Ontario, which has a population of a few hundred thousand. This post is for my Brampton readers, so if you’ve somehow stumbled upon this and are from somewhere else, feel free to go back to the homepage and find another article.

My Favorite 2 Clinics

In my opinion, the two best Brampton physiotherapy clinics are Kings Cross and Focus Physiotherapy.

Kings Cross is located on Vodden near the heart of the city and has been around for a long time. I remember going there years ago and getting amazing help. The physiotherapists not only fix your injuries, but really take the time to educate you on your problems. A visit last month confirmed that the same quality staff and atmosphere were present.

Focus is a bit newer, but still really well established. I went there for one particularly nasty hamstring injury last year and had a great experience. From start to finish I felt like the staff was really attentive and they did a great job at helping me recover relatively quickly. Pricing is similar at both of these clinics but is reasonable, especially if your health plan covers it.

In my time in the Peel and Toronto area I’ve tried out several physiotherapists and clinics. In my experience, these two are the best if you are hurt and live close. However, there are also probably some great ones that I haven’t tried, so by all means try a different one if it seems like a better option for you.

Why it’s hip to take care of your hips

Hip pain affects more than 30 percent of people every year! Did you know that already? Did you also know that most of this pain is preventable if you plan ahead and devote just a little bit of time?  I asked Derrick of the following questions to help fill in some common knowledge gaps.

Q:What causes hip pain?

A: In most cases, hip pain is caused by a random injury.  However, this injury is usually preventable by having stronger hip muscles (otherwise known as the hip flexors).  Since muscles get weaker as we age, this is why hip pain is usually a big problem as you get older.

Q:What is the single best exercise to do to strengthen the hips

A:Squats for sure.  The added benefit is that you don’t just strengthen your hips, but you also strengthen your legs and core.  Even just doing a few sets of squats a couple times a week puts you way ahead of the average person, and decreases your chances of injury significantly.


If you have more questions about hip pain in general, feel free to leave a comment below.